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What is a Web Design ? 5 Points To Consider For a Great Website Design

by Pune Designer
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A Web Design is nothing but a skeleton for your website. If the foundation is strong and flexible then you are in for a great website. There are many points to consider if you want to design a good website in the year 2020.

Every time you design a website, you really need to understand your client’s requirements and then you need to educate them so as to design a great website. Sometimes clients may want many things in their website, in that scenario it’s your responsibility to communicate your client how it may harm their product instead of helping it.

We have zeroed on top 5 must have points if you want to design a great website in the year 2020.

To 5 Points for a great website design in year 2020.

1 . Mobile Friendly Design :- 

This is a must if you are designing a website for your client in the year 2020. If you still don’t know what it is, then you must be hiding somewhere under a rock. Mobile Friendly Design gives the users of your website an ability to access it across multiple devices like Mobile, Tablet or a PC seamlessly. That means the website will automatically adjust itself as per the surface.

2 . Fast loading website:-

Your website should be a fast loading website as users attention span is quite less nowadays so in order to keep them on your website you need to have a fast loading website. Even Google ranks your website higher if it is a fast loading website. 

3 . Easy to understand navigation :-

Your website must have an easy to understand navigation. That means you really should know where to put the links of your important webpages so that you can keep your user engaged most of the time. Your web design must consist simple yet easy to understand navigation.

4 . Use of intuitive images :-

It’s a proven fact that use of intuitive images help keep your users on the website, thus it helps in reducing the bounce rates. So it definitely increases the possibility of a product sale on your website. Images help your client understand the purpose of a product or even an article in some cases. Use of thoughtful images increase user interaction thus reducing the bounce rate of your website.

5 . Home Page Design :- 

Your home page is a summary of your whole website. That means it should contain the highlights from your website. User should be easily able to understand the purpose of your website. For example if it’s a news website then it should have links of article for the past 24 hours on your homepage. If you are selling products online then it should have links for all your best selling products on the home page. Your user should be able to see exactly what your website is all about from your home page.

We feel these are the top 5 points to consider if you are designing a website in the year 2020.

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