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What is a Logo Design ? Top 10 logos and their meaning ?

by Pune Designer
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A Logo Design is nothing but a simple way by which people can identify your company, product or a service. A good logo design is simple yet creative and people can easily remember them.

If you look around yourself right now and if you are out of your home then there must be at least ten different logos around you. This is the importance of logo in our life. Companies often use them to create a different identity for themselves, just to stand apart from the competition.

So let’s take a look at the companies with a simple yet creative logos and also try and understand their meanings.

Ten Iconic Logos and their meaning

1 . Adidas

Adidas Logo

Adidas is a sports apparel and a shoe company. The logo has a three stripes in it. The three stripes are designed to look like a mountain which symbolises the difficulties and challenges an athlete will face in his or her  lifetime.

2 . Gillette 

Gillette Logo

Gillette is a company that sells razors and blades. The precise cut in the G and i represents a razor sharp cut by the Gillette Blade.

3 .  Google

Google Logo

Google’s logo symbolises that they don’t stick to any rules and create their own path and at the same time know how to have fun at workplace.

4 . Apple

Apple Logo

The idea of Apple’s iconic logo have come from nowhere else but from the story of Adam and Eve from the Bible itself. It’s supposed to be the same apple that Eve bit which also represents the fruit from the tree of knowledge.

5 . Toblerone

Toblerone Logo

Toblerone is a popular chocolate bar and its logo features a mountain which symbolises the matterhorn mountain from the Switzerland and the mountain also has a hidden bear in it, which symbolises the honey flavour of the chocolate.

6 . FedEx

FedEx Logo

FedEx is one of the world’s most popular shipping company. The logo of the company features an arrow hidden between the letters E and X. The arrow represents the speed and precision by which the Fedex delivers their consignments.

7 . LG

LG Logo

LG is a popular Electronics products company and the letters “L” and “G” represents a happy human face. This gives the human element to the company and its products.

8 . Yoga Australia

Yoga Australia Logo

The logo of yoga Australia features a Yoga position obviously but it doesn’t stop there. The space between the folded hand and a leg features the hidden map of the Australia.

9 . Tour-de-france

Tour De France Logo

The creative logo of Tour De France has not single but two hidden messages in it. The letter “R” represents a bent cyclist and the yellow circle which not only represents a wheel of the cycle but also tells that the events of the race happen only during daytime.

10 . Amazon

Amazon Logo

Amazon is a world’s foremost Ecommerce company and it’s logo also suggests that. The arrow that starts from the letter “a” and ends on letter “z” suggests that company sells everything from letter A to Z in the dictionary. The arrow also represents a human smile suggesting that the customers feel happy when they do shopping on Amazon.

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