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What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ?

by Pune Designer

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process of getting your website rank higher in the search engine results. In return it increases your visibility in the search engine and gets you a lot of organic free traffic. 

To understand how SEO work, you first need to understand how Search Engine works? 

Every search engine be it Google, Bing or Yahoo work under a common program called algorithm which basically decides how your web page will rank in the search results.

As Google puts it,

To give you the most useful information, Search algorithms look at many factors, including the words of your query, relevance and usability of pages, expertise of sources and your location and settings. The weight applied to each factor varies depending on the nature of your query – for example, the freshness of the content plays a bigger role in answering queries about current news topics than it does about dictionary definitions.

As you put your query in the search engine, it searches for the right answer for query from the billions of web pages it has in its database and finds the right answer for your query and displays it as a result.

Search Engine will examine your website for multiple Search Engine Factors and then decide where your website will rank for a particular query.

So we need to understand these search engine optimisation factors first. Search Engines will examine your website for more than 1000 rating factors and then decide the rank of your website.

We can’t put all the 1000 factors over here but we can list at least list some of the major factors over here.

Here are those factor which we feel are important but not limited to, while optimising your website for SEO.

1 . Crawlability

First of all your website needs to be crawlable that means your website should easily be discovered by the Search Engine. Every search engine uses a program called spider to discover your website. It crawls from one website to other to discover the fresh new content. So you need to make sure that your website has internal links and external links as well.

2 . Page Speed

These days the users have a very short attention span so you need to make sure that your website should load faster. It should not take much longer to load your website. Pagespeed is a ranking factor when it comes to Mobile and Desktop users.

3 . Mobile Ready Design

Accessing internet over the mobile has gone up in the last decade through the revolution of the smart phones. That means your website should easily be accessible through the mobile device. More than 70 % people search from their mobile phones so your website should be ready for the mobile.

4 . Backlinks

This in plain words means how many websites are linking back to your website. Google feels the relevant content backlinks to any site are important factor while ranking your website. This also tells Google that certain page is important if it has number of relevant links to it.

5 . Fresh Content

Every search engine awards websites with original and fresh content. That means they rank these pages higher than those websites who do not have fresh content. And duplicate content is a no no here as search engine will even go to the extent of banning your website if it has a duplicate content. So always try and come up with fresh and related content while writing an article for your website.

Search Engine Optimisation is a bible in itself and we can’t cover it completely here, but yes we told you an overview of what needs to be done while making the SEO strategies for your website. You need to study all the time as Search Engine Algorithm is always changing and updating itself.

I am sure next time you design a website for yourself or for your clients you will make sure to study these factors.

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