What is a Website Hosting and a Domain name ?

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What is Website Hosting ?

Website Hosting is nothing but the physical location of your website. This is where your website is stored on a server (Computer). This is the home of your website.

In order to host any website you need two things

1 . Domain name 

2 . Web Hosting space

So the next question comes what is a Domain name ?

1 . Domain Name: –

A Domain Name is nothing but the address of your website. If your website is a home then a domain name is its address.

You just simply need to type this address in your browser in order to reach any website on the internet.

Basically every website is assigned an IP address which is the real address of your website. And it looks like this.

However it would be extremely difficult to remember the address of you website. Imagine if you had to remember the address of the website you wanted to visit.

In order to solve that problem the domain name was invented. Fo example it will be really easy to type in punedesigner.com instead of its IP address which is nothing but just the number.

Now that we have understood what is a domain name, let’s try and understand what is a web hosting space?

2 . Web Hosting Space: –

Web Hosting Space is where your website lives. It’s nothing but the physical location of your website. This is where your website is stored on a computer and it’s then accessed through the internet from the World Wide Web.

Internet is nothing but a collection of billions of computers interconnected with each other. So you need a space for your website in order to access it from the domain name.

When someone enters your domain name in the address bar of your browser, this domain name is translated into the IP address of your website which in turn directs the browser to the physical location of your website.  And that’s how your website is accessed.

So that’s why you need to buy this space from the web hosting companies so that you can host your website on that space.

There are thousands of web hosting companies that sell space for your website and you need to choose really wisely while deciding that.

We’ll cover that topic in different article someday.

We hope you understood the difference between a domain name and website hosting.

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